Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cosmic Rules and Karmic Events

Cosmos and Humans

Every human being existing is governed by cosmic rules.

Now what are these cosmic rules

Cosmic rules are those that controlled his past, controlling his present and will eventually control his future.

One does then wonder how these cosmic rules form

It can be simplified to the factual esoteric equation that only a marginal few can eventually relate to, because with the advent of science and the western thought process of “I give a shit”, allthough the cosmic rules and the phenomena that occur in the backdrop will eventually kick them in their butt and by the time realization strikes they will be in deep shit, is when they tend to fall back on track and talk about oneness with the supernatural being.

The cosmic rules that form is governed by a few simple facts:

Place (latitude & longitude) & time of birth, these eventually give the planetary positions, the nakshatra that the child is born into. That child is then having a basic set of rules that it is governed by. These are the basis of the cosmic rules. Every human is naturally endowed with these cosmic rules whether he or she wants to accept it or not.

When two people with their cosmic rules meet, see, talk to, talk about, think, consider, mate, give birth to etc. This list can be endless. Then these minimal of two rules will generate what is called a cosmic phenomenon. Now when that phenomenon is positive it culminates in a positive way and karmic events are generated which has a certain life cycle. These karmic events have their own jumbled up criteria, which must be discussed and the best way of working through those pathways will then be defined.

Now one need not think that karmic events are only formed when two or more people are involved. There are a lot of karmic events that are formed when the individual evolves through what is called a thought process as well.

01. Cosmic Rules
02. Cosmic Phenomenon
03. Karmic Events
04. Tangled and untangled pathways

Be it a one to one, a group, or FB or any other media every time thoughts cross paths a new cosmic phenomenon is naturally forming, everyone has a way of thought so effectively every human with a definitive set of cosmic rules tends to create innumerable cosmic phenomenon and thus innumerable karmic events, similarly the pathways.

The combinations are unimaginable.

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